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Welcome to No Map Nomads. It is place to find out about travel adventures, gear reviews, location reviews, and anything else that we think is pretty cool and that’s related to travel.


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The Inca Trail: Day 1 with Alpaca Expeditions

Setting out to hike the Inca Trail was the achievement of a lifelong goal for me. Who knew that choosing a company and securing a trail pass was the easy part?

The perfect hiking photo

Photos capture memories. But every so often they can bridge a place or the people in them to capture an essence far beyond a moment in time.

The Traveling Writer

Writing and traveling, be the trip vacation or work, can be an enjoyable part of the experience or a hassle, depending on equipment and mindset.

A hard life forgiven with one confession…

Barred cathedral doors tower over an old man. What keeps him out: A heavy soul or an unforgiving church or is what holds him outside on the threshold another matter entirely?

The excitement of choosing your own adventure

Vacation starts the minute you get to your destination, right? What if it started the moment you walked out of the house…?

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