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Welcome to No Map Nomads. It is place to find out about travel adventures, gear reviews, location reviews, and anything else that we think is pretty cool and that’s related to travel.


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Hiking the Inca Trail Day 4: Machu Picchu

Day four of hiking the Inca Trail carries the expectations of the previous three, so it is a good thing the hike is short to reach Machu Picchu at long last!

Gateway to Freedom, Safe and Free Travel

I’m just getting back from a short trip down to my home state. Whether I travel from Maine to Morocco it never fails. I leave home and the ideas on how to stay away from home begin to kick in. One thing that tends to be a regular is the ways of staying safe, secure […]

Protection for Profit or Longevity?

Protection of the environment is sometimes touted when what is really being done is protecting businesses, be they local or foreign companies exploiting local resources. But our experience in Peru with Alpaca Expeditions was a pleasant surprise.

The Illusive Summit

Sometimes topography and local weather can make a landscape feature just as difficult to see as a rare animal – like cloud shrouded volcanic peaks on small islands!

The Inca Trail: Day 3 with Alpaca Expeditions

Day 3 on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is easy… if you don’t mind two hours descending stone steps and irate llamas guarding ruins!

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