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Welcome to No Map Nomads. It is place to find out about travel adventures, gear reviews, location reviews, and anything else that we think is pretty cool and that’s related to travel.


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Home sweet Yurt….the reality

What did it really take to move us from a 200 year old house into a fabric walled yurt in Maine? Well . . . for starters it was a 200 year old house!

Home Sweet Yurt

I’ve neglected to tell the story of how we ended up living in a yurt in Maine. As we approach our third anniversary of yurt construction, I thought it was high time to tell the tale. Plus, it makes a great preview of our next book here at Nomads: A Year in a Yurt!


Somehow traveling and finding a good pub go hand in hand. To really experience a place, we like to drink the local draft. Why not make it even more fun and track down the local beverage of choice at its source?

Never forget

Let us never forget the meaning of moving on.

Dragon Learns to Fly

This holiday season, Raven and I are having a difficult time finding the spirit of the season. Last year on the 20th, we lost our beloved companion Sparky. So in fond and loving memory of all the fun times we enjoyed with our little guy, we share this story with you.

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